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January 14, 2014

‘Swan Song’ for VS Comics

I spent the last few months of 2012 doing a sci-fi short story for UK based digital publishers VS Comics. (There’s some overlap on the creative/editing team from my other UK comics project, the Dead Roots zombie anthology – )
So, with VS Comics publishing and Paul Alexander writing, I spent a while involved in robots and hospital environments, with crotchety old geezers. (Some coinkidinkal timing going on there with that ‘Robot and Frank’ film, oddly enough…). And boyf Nicolas Vial did the colouring and that particular collaboration was a mite fraught, but we’re both pretty pleased with the end visuals.
And this project is 90% creator-owned, so this is a sales pitch! VS Comics is a digital anthology of several ongoing comics and one-shots, in all kinds of different genres, available worldwide in pdf and e-reader formats, for the price of a sandwich apiece. Swan Song happens over issues 1, 2, and 3 (the January, February and March 2013 issues respectively). It’s cleverly paced, quiet sci-fi, about robots serving on a geriatric ward, with the focus mainly one one dysfunctional duo… basically, in this case, think of a British Pierce Hawthorne and the granddaughter ‘bot of Wall-E and EVE. I really enjoyed working on it, except all that bloody hospital equipment… and scifi architecture… not my strongest suits.
The collective is getting some pretty decent write-ups and geeky reviews. So go buy it already!

(VS Comics plans to transition to physical quarterly comics soon, keep an eye on them…)




April 29, 2011

Dead Roots comic

2-page introduction to the Dead Roots anthology project.

Traditional media (inkwash and pencil on grey paper) and digital.

And update! In 2012 I also worked on a 8-page story by James Moran for what has become, after a very successful Kickstarter campaign in October 2013,  a hardback deluxe print edition of the Dead Roots anthology.

Our contribution was called ‘Many Happy Returns’. Some sneak previews:

March 23, 2011

Yessika Voyance

Roman graphique 99p

  • Scénario : Isabelle Bauthian ( Havre, Effleurés, Le Prétexte…)
  • Editeur : Glénat Drugstore
  • Première parution :  mars 2011
“Travailler dans un cabinet de voyance, ça vous pose un problème moral ?”

Stéphanie est en 2e année de médecine. Elle a un petit ami, une super colocataire, tout roule dans sa vie, sans obstacle ni questionnement. Jusqu’au jour où sa famille est ruinée par un coup du sort. Stéphanie, gentille fille à papa choyée, est obligée de se trouver un travail pour payer ses études.

Elle devient hôtesse d’accueil téléphonique… dans un cabinet de voyance ! Ce petit boulot, pas vraiment anodin, va prendre de plus en plus de place dans la vie de notre héroïne.

Les collègues, les clients, les voyants… Tout cela est déroutant, parfois hilarant, souvent révoltant… et, mine de rien, ce concentré de naïveté, de cynisme, de cocasserie, de tristesse, de vies paumées et de misère humaine va bouleverser Stéphanie et son point de vue sur l’existence. Un roman graphique socio-psycho-intimiste, léger et grave à la fois, qui prend son inspiration originale dans des histoires vécues !

Stephanie, a bit of a little princess, is suddenly faced with her family’s financial troubles and has to start working part-time to pay for her studies. Her new job? Phone operator on a fortune-telling/astology hotline… A story about credulity, cupidity, growing up and drawing a moral line.

Yessika Voyance amour travail argent....